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Sedation dentistry

Afraid of the Dentist? 5 Ways to Reduce Dental Anxiety

If you tense up just thinking about going to the dentist, you may benefit from sedation dentistry offered by St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville. Millions of Americans stress out when they have to see the dentist. It is referred to as dental anxiety. There is a more severe form, too, called dental phobia. In both,

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Don’t Let Anxiety Keep You From Getting Implants

Millions of Americans cope with dental anxiety. They’ll tense up just thinking about an ordinary exam; the idea of a more complicated procedure, like a dental implant, can send their stress level through the roof. Sedation dentistry from St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville can get them through it. Dental implants are actually a rather straightforward

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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

The purpose of this dentistry article from St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville is to de-bunk some of the most common myths about sedation dentistry. Myth #1: With Sedation Dentistry, You Are Completely Unconscious Some dental patients are not only afraid of receiving treatment; they also fear the thought of not being in control. We offer

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Afraid Of The Dentist? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

If you experience severe anxiety when undergoing (or even thinking about!) dental treatment, sedation dentistry from St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville may be for you. Whether it is called relaxation dentistry, sleep dentistry, or anxiety-free dentistry, it is completely safe and a popular option for those coping with dental anxiety. Though it may sound impossible, with

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Don’t Avoid the Dentist: Sedation Dentistry in Mechanicsville MD

Dental anxiety is a very real issue that affects millions of Americans. For some, the anxiety is so bad they avoid going to the dentist entirely. And that is a serious matter, because avoiding the dentist puts their dental health at risk. If this sounds at all like you, the sedation options provided by St.

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