Dental Technology

Increasing Your Success with Dental Technology

When you seek dental treatments of any kind at our office, rest assured that Dr. McCray, Dr. Demer and their staff use the latest in technology to enhance the quality of your care.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. McCray and Dr. Demer use digital x-rays, which offer more precision and speed than traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays also result in just 1/6th the amount of typical radiation exposure.

Same-Appointment Dental Crowns

We provide CEREC computer technology along with a mill and kiln right here in our office, so we can create your ideal smile in a single day. Not only can we design and manufacture your crowns chairside in under two hours, but we can also skip the gooey impressions and uncomfortable temporaries. Instead, you’ll leave with a flawless and permanent smile.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) speeds up the normal healing process after dental treatment. We draw the patient’s blood and activate platelets to create a customized solution that will aid your body in healing. This results in a more comfortable and successful recovery after dental implant placement and similar procedures.

Intraoral Cameras

Dr. McCray and Dr. Demer use intraoral (inside-of-the-mouth) technology that can improve your comfort, reduce your appointment time, enhance communication with your insurance company, and help you understand your diagnosis. An intraoral camera is a tiny camera that produces clear and precise images of your mouth. We can instantly transfer these images to a computer monitor so that we can discuss them with you right away.

Extraoral Cameras

We also use high-quality extraoral (outside-of the mouth) cameras to gain another perspective on your smile and dental health. Extraoral photographs allow us to study precise details of your dental health and allow us to communicate with your regarding your care by showing you, rather than telling you about your oral condition. We believe in educating our patients and involving them in their care, and this is a way to achieve that superior level of treatment. However, if you prefer not to see your photographs, do not worry. We will be happy to discuss your care only in ways which you are comfortable.

Triad Light Curing System

The Triad Light Curing System is a series of effective light curing materials for all kinds of dental restorations. This innovative system effectively bonds dentures, retainers, nightguards, implant placement appliances, and more, and is 100% Monomer free.

Dr. McCray and Dr. Demer provide nothing less than the best technologies and methods to their patients. If you have been dissatisfied with your comfort or results at your dentist’s office in the past, we invite you to experience a new kind of dentistry with Dr. McCray and Dr. Demer. To schedule your appointment or with any questions, contact our office today!

3D CAT Scanner

Our 3D CAT Scanner will give us a much more complete view of your jaw structure than typical x-rays can provide. It will not only help Dr. McCray and Dr. Demer truly see what’s going on in the mouth, but it can also help with implant placement and with diagnosing the airway when treating patients with sleep apnea.