TMJ Treatment

Patients who grind or clench their teeth or who have poor bite scan develop a serious problem with their jaw called TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder, known as TMJ or TMD, can adversely affect the teeth, gums, and bone structures. TMJ can be the source of many uncomfortable symptoms that may decrease the quality of your daily life.

You will be glad to know that TMJ issues are more easily diagnosed and treated than they were in the past. When you see a TMJ dentist at St. Mary’s Dental, we will be happy to help you properly diagnose your symptoms and provide TMJ pain relief.

TMJ Treatment Options

Dr. Kara McCray Demer and Dr. Gina McCray offer various treatment options that can improve the harmony of your jaw and provide relief for TMJ pain. After a detailed assessment, our professionals will be able to tell you precisely which treatment is right for your unique needs.

Some of the treatments we commonly recommend include:

TMJ Splint | This splint is a mouth guard that is custom-fit to your smile. It will hold the jaw in its optimal position and allow your strained muscles to relax to relieve pain.

Bite Adjustment | If a poor bite is the cause of your TMJ disorder, our dentists can adjust the way your teeth fit together with restorations or orthodontics.

Lifestyle Changes | In order to control your TMJ pain at home, you should rest your jaw. Eat soft foods, apply ice and heat, and practice good posture.

Stress Management Techniques | If stress is the culprit of your jaw pain, we may suggest biofeedback or physical therapy to treat your TMJ disorder.

You can achieve lasting relief from TMD at St. Mary’s Dental. To learn more, please call our office today.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

  • Do you clench or grind your teeth?
  • Do you wake up with sore or stiff jaw muscles?
  • Do you have frequent headaches or migraines?
  • Do you feel pain when you chew or bite?
  • Does your jaw make clicking or popping noises?
  • Are your teeth sensitive, broken, or loose?
  • Does stress worsen your jaw pain?

TMD may be causing your daily headaches, muscular pain, or lock jaw. You should seek treatment from a TMJ dentist at St. Mary’s Dental to find permanent relief from symptoms and restore the function of your TMJ.

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