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Smile Gallery

This is a beautiful smile makeover to hide significant tetracycline staining with a combination of veneers on front teeth and crowns on back teeth.

This smile was enhanced with a combination of crown lengthening (which means repositioning the gums and bone around the teeth), veneers, and crowns on the entire upper arch.

This smile design was completed with a combination of crown lengthening (repositioning the gums and bone around the teeth) and full upper arch crowns and veneers.

The color and texture of these teeth were greatly improved with full upper veneers and crowns and teeth whitening.

This patient came to us with many veneers already in place from a previous office that kept coming out at the most inopportune times. We were able to change the design of the tooth below the veneer and make a new veneer that blended in with the existing dental work they had already.

This person had a traumatic incident that broke their two front teeth the night before coming in as a new patient. Within a couple of hours, we were able to create two beautifully blended crowns on the front teeth. No one would ever know those aren’t their natural teeth

This patient was missing a lateral tooth from birth and the opposite side had what was called a peg lateral, which means it didn’t form with a normal shape. This patient whitened their smile and had veneers and a bridge to improve esthetics and replace the missing front tooth.

This patient had one concern when we met. She wanted to close the big front gap between her teeth. We were able to help her achieve her goal by creating beautiful veneers for her front two teeth.

This smile was designed with orthodontic treatment to move teeth into an ideal position followed by crowns, veneers, and whitening.

This smile design was improved with a combination of crown lengthening (repositioning the gums and bone around the teeth) and full upper arch crowns and veneers.

This smile was designed by replacing old and previously repaired porcelain and metal crowns. In this instance, crown lengthening was not possible. But the final result was a great improvement in the look of the front four teeth.

This patient wanted to improve how straight their teeth appeared without the hassle of braces. Many teeth on the upper arch were veneered with minimal tooth structure needing to be removed in the process.

This patient hated that their side front teeth were longer than their central front teeth. We were able to esthetically lengthen the two front teeth with veneers for a dramatic improvement in the appearance of their smile.

This patient wanted a full makeover of all of their teeth. A full mouth rehabilitation was performed. To enhance the way their teeth function in their mouth and to also greatly enhance the beauty of their smile. This was performed with crowns and veneers.

This patient hated that she had two front teeth that were shorter than her side teeth. And she wanted to close the gap between her front teeth. We were able to correct this with 2 front crowns to enhance her smile.

This patient was tired of the very old and outdated crowns on their front teeth. They wanted to close the space and have a more balanced smile. We were able to achieve this with two front crowns (to replace the old ones) and two lateral veneers.

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