Why Fluoride Is Essential For Your Child’s Oral Health

This message from St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville is about fluoride and teeth.

Fluoride is a mineral that helps your teeth stay strong. It is found in some foods and water and is added to most toothpastes to help fight cavities.

Fluoride plays an important role in your child’s oral health. Your child should start using fluoride toothpaste when they are old enough to spit while brushing. Start with a tiny pea-sized dab, gradually increasing the amount as they grow.

Periodic kids’ fluoride treatments help teeth by making them stronger and more resistant to the dangerous acid formed by bacteria.

Fluoride Treatments

At St. Mary’s Dental, we provide fluoride treatments during routine check-ups. The fluoride is applied directly to your child’s teeth.

The fluoride used in in-office treatments comes in either a gel or foam and is available in several flavors.

Fluoride treatments are a fairly simple and painless way to protect your child’s teeth and help them keep a healthy smile.

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