Protect Young Smiles From Childhood Tooth Decay

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At St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville, we get it. Parents have a lot to worry about when it comes to their child’s health and safety. Don’t overlook dental health! Committing to daily oral hygiene will prevent the pain, inconvenience, and the needless expense of dealing with cavities in children.

Even though most parents know the basics of children’s dental care, we continue to see cavities in young children. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Set An Example

It’s essential to make a commitment to proper dental hygiene for yourself. If you have poor oral hygiene, now is the time to change your ways so you can set an example for your child. You will both be better off.

Start (Very) Early

Caring for your infant’s teeth should begin even before they even come in. To avoid bacteria growth, parents should wipe their baby’s gums with a warm, wet washcloth after feedings.

Make The Crib A Bottle-Free Zone

Children should never be put to bed with a bottle. The sugars in milk or juice wind up staying on teeth for hours, and that can damage the enamel. When your toddler gets his first tooth, it is time to brush.

Fluoride Warning

When they’re little, kids don’t spit, they swallow. Most young children ingest toothpaste, so use only a tiny dab of non-fluoride paste until the child turns two. If a child swallows too much fluoride, it can stain teeth.

Go Over Teeth Again After Child Brushes

When kids are old enough to brush their teeth unaided, instruct them to brush gently but thoroughly for at least two minutes (or longer until they get the hang of it). You can set a timer so your child understands how long they should keep at it.

For young children, it is important that an adult goes over them after the child finishes. Many children thoroughly clean the chewing surfaces but may fail to clean the backsides and gumline.

Schedule Snacks

Monitor your child’s meals and snacks. Scheduling snacks and beverages (not including water) to set times during the day can also guard against cavities.

Let’s work together to prevent childhood tooth decay. At St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville, our services include general and family dentistry. Schedule a checkup for your child (or yourself!) today.

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