Dental Crowns At St. Mary’s Dental In Mechanicsville

Dental Crowns at St. Mary's Dental in MechanicsvilleDental crowns have been used in dentistry for many decades. There is even evidence that ancient civilizations experimented with early forms of crowns. Today, dental crowns are a versatile restoration at St. Mary’s Dental in Mechancisville.

Dental crowns (also called caps) cover the entire visible portion of the tooth and are cemented in place. They are used to strengthen teeth that have been worn down or weakened by decay or injury; to restore the original shape of a tooth; or sometimes just to improve its appearance.

The most common types of crowns are:

  • All-porcelain (ceramic)
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal
  • Gold

The material used is determined by several factors. If you suspect you need a dental crown, want to replace an old crown, or want to learn about other restorative dentistry procedures, call St. Mary’s Dental in Mechancisville. People from North Waldorf, East Huntingtown, and South Laplata trust us with their dental health. Schedule an appointment today!

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