Chipped Tooth? No Need To Panic

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There are basically two ways to handle a chipped tooth:
1. Panic.
2. See us at St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville MD right away, and then get on with life.

A tooth may become chipped for any number of reasons. It might happen on an athletic field, or it might happen in the kitchen by biting into something that’s too hard. Whatever the cause, it’s important to see us, even if it isn’t causing you any pain.

There are a couple of reasons for this. A chipped tooth is not usually a dental emergency in the usual sense of requiring immediate care. But there may be sharp edges that end up cutting into the lips or the tongue.

It also may be more serious than it first seems. If a large piece of the tooth has broken off there may be pain. And there is always the possibility that the nerve inside the tooth has been damaged. If the chip is big enough to expose nerve endings, there could be considerable discomfort.

So even if it doesn’t hurt and looks okay, if you chip a tooth, call us at St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville. We provide emergency dental care, along with general and family dentistry. See us every six months for a cleaning and checkup!

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