Brush Up On Cavities: Toothaches in Mechanicsville MD

Brush Up On Your Cavity Basics Mechanicsville

Everyone gets a toothache now and then. At St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville MD, we deal with toothaches each and every day. The most common cause of a toothache is a cavity. Cavities can also be called caries or tooth decay. When a tooth is permanently damaged in the hard surface, tiny openings occur. These…

Straight Talk About (Clear) Braces In Mechanicsville MD

invisible braces Mechanicsville

Having braces uncovers unique dental hygiene concerns, primarily with traditional braces. Most of these concerns can be avoided with clear braces from St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville MD. With traditional braces, there are five important thing to keep in mind with braces: 1. Be Careful What You Eat Sweets and extra food stuck in hard-to-notice…

Three Types Of Stains: Teeth Whitening in Mechanicsville MD

Mechanicsville Teeth Bleaching

If your smile could use some brightening, St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville MD can help. We provide professional teeth whitening that can dramatically improve your appearance. Not everyone responds the same to teeth whitening, however. Not all teeth stains are equal, and the degree of whiteness attained and the treatment time necessary depends on the…

How Do You Measure Success? Cosmetic Dentistry at St. Mary’s Dental

Affordable Mechanicsville Tooth Bleaching

At St. Mary’s Dental in Mechanicsville MD, we are dedicated to success. We want to help each one of our patients have the smile they’ve always wanted, and with cosmetic dentistry, it is possible. Success for some patients may mean a stunning smile transformation. This can be achieved in several ways, and it may start…

Get On Top Of Your To-Do List by Calling St. Mary’s Dental

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porcelain veneers price Mechanicsville

Is it time to get your life back in order, Mechanicsville? Call it Spring Cleaning. Call it a Hard Reset.  I like to call the small and simple tasks cling-ons. These are things like refill a prescription, change your furnace filter, get your oil changed, replace the lightbulb or make a dental appointment. If you’ve…

10 Terrific Tooth Tips From St. Mary’s Dental

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1. If you have kids and your municipal water supply does not have the recommended level of fluoride, talk to your pediatrician about fluoride supplements. Fluoride strengthens both the teeth you can see and the ones still forming in the jaw. 2. Set a timer when you brush to make sure you spend at least…